In addition to the installation and management of existing and new Domino / Notes environments, the development and adaptation of Notes applications is an important part of the work. Because every organization and also every situation is of course unique, experienced consultants invent and discuss in advance the wishes and possibilities in order to arrive at the right custom solutions. By using specialist tools, some of which have been developed in-house and can be flexibly adapted, an existing environment can be mapped out quickly. Problems and points for attention can be clearly identified, after which the required approach can be coordinated.

When there are plans for Domino mail-migrations, an inventory in advance proves to be of great importance in practice. However, an audit may also be required after a migration to check whether all necessary data has been transferred correctly and complies with the rules of compliance. ECIT can provide pre and post audits in addition to mail-migration.

Beside to transferring mail, attention will have to be paid to applications. Migration from your Notes platform is not as simple as picking a new platform and moving everything onto it. An application inventory will give you important information on the number of applications, their usage, complexity, cross-referencing, access and function. Now you can decide which applications need to be considered for migration, consolidation or decommissioning. Once different applications have been categorized the required rules can be created. For those applications that are to be decommissioned, consider whether the content needs to be retained to meet any requirements. Those applications that are to be migrated or consolidated may require further in-depth analysis. With this information you are ready to proceed.

Whether you are looking for support services to keep you operational, development of applications, enhancements to existing applications, or assistance to migrate you off the platform, ECIT has the experience to get the job done. For short term assignments or long-term projects make an appeal to the experienced employees.

  • Consultancy
  • Migration, consolidation & decommissioning
  • Installation & configuration
  • System administration
  • Application development
  • Notes applications on mobile devices
  • Support
  • Audits
  • Secondment
  • Training & workshops