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Notes interface for cally.com

To easily schedule a meeting within your organization with internal, but also with external persons, we have developed a Notes application in collaboration with the makers of cally.com (datumprikker.nl). This allows a Notes user to easily select the email addresses of people and groups from the client. In practice, the various contacts have already been stored there.

From Notes, the subject and description are entered and the invitees can then be selected. Of course, multiple dates can be proposed, so that the most optimal date and location can ultimately be selected based on the availability that the invitees themselves prefer.

Please contact us to also use this option from your own environment. It is also possible to implement this solution in existing Notes applications.


Step 1

The planner is opened from Notes.
The name and email address of the current Notes user has already been entered automatically.


Step 2

Select dates from which the invitees can indicate their preference.


Step 3

From Notes select the contacts or, even easier: the groups.
And then complete the invitations via the date picker site.



In addition to the possibility of adding your own logo, for example, various adjustments or extensions in the layout and the steps can be discussed.
Integration in other Notes applications is also an option. Customization based on this concept is therefore no problem.