Ytria Notes Tools

Ytria develops tools for the professional Notes / Domino developer and administrator. Gain faster, better, and more detailed insights into your Notes / Domino environment with EZ software tools, which let you manage every aspect of your network in granular detail. Make large scale edits, and gain unparalleled data visibility over your whole environment – all without writing a line of code. The following produtcs are available:

ScanEZ     With over a hundred powerful tools, scanEZ is like a full-service garage for your .NSF databases.
aclEZ     Lets you quickly verify and manipulate multiple ACLs; a task that is currently impossible with Domino Administrator.
agentEZ     Lets you quickly verify and manipulate multiple agents on a server (regardless of the schedule they are on); a task that is currently impossible with Domino Administrator.
signEZ     Gives you complete control over database signing, without circumventing Notes security.
databaseEZ     See and edit all the Lotus Notes database properties on your servers.
replicationEZ     Find, display and analyze all replicas across Domino servers.
consoleEZ     Monitor multiple live consoles at once.
viewEZ     Lets you mass-edit view properties, preview changes and undo what you’ve done.
actionBarEZ     Lets you completely overhaul the look and feel of your Notes applications’ action bars in a few simple clicks.
designPropEZ     Manage design properties for multiple databases with designPropEZ.
formEZ     Free tool for mass editing form field formulas.

ECIT is Premium Services Partner and can offer licenses for separate tools or the complete EZ-suite.
The Ytria automation API lets you perform large, repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently. EZ Suite sees the focus of the command language and the scope of possibilities greatly expanded.