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An add-in task for selectively exchanging documents and / or profiles between Notes databases that are not replicas of each other.

This can be a one-to-one exchange, but also an exchange between multiple databases.
For example, NxFcopy can selectively exchange data between a central database and various other "non-replica" databases.
A setup document can be used to determine which forms should be exchanged and under which conditions.


NxFcopy is currently available for Domino servers on the "Win32" platform. In practice this can mean that the tool can be run on a Win32 Domino server or on any Notes client. The tool consists of 2 files:

A. An additional server task to be placed in the Domino program directory on the server (s). The server task can be activated via a server command or automatically by means of a program document.

B. An associated control database in which the settings are determined. Such as: which databases should exchange documents, what selection is it, and the direction of the transfer.

NxFcopy flow    

Example of thefunctionality of NxFcopy: Documents and profiles are (selectively) exchanged between different databases where data can be transferred in one direction or bi-directionally.