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ECIT uses the MME tool in Domino - Exchange and Office 365 migration projects. Migrating Notes Mail, Mail-in databases and related Archives by using additional migration Domino servers to Office 365 or EML. Without the need to install client migration farms or modifications on the live Domino production environment. An extensive inventory of the Domino environment and data can be made in advance. Encrypted documents can be automatically decrypted during the process and then encrypted again in the target environment. The entire migration process is comprehensively logged and provided in the form of reports. The logging of the migration process can be daily provided directly for example in an Excel sheet. There is also a possibility to archive data from Notes applications and consulting the contents afterwards as HTML or in PDF format. In that case a Domino server is no longer needed.



MME - Migrate from Domino

A server based migration solution, which allows a highly automated, fast and secure migration of mails, calendar entries, contacts and tasks to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 environments.


MME - Migrate to Domino

MME also offers mail migration from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 to HCL Domino.


Application migration to HTML or PDF

Application Migration allows you to convert any Notes application into a browser-compatible format with standardized views, so that the contents of the Notes applications can be accessed via any browser in “Read Only” mode.