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HCL Nomad is a mobile client with which users can also use the Notes / Domino applications from their mobile devices.

There is support for Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets and Chrome OS tablets.

As with a Notes client, it is possible to make local replicas, so that the applications are also available off-line.

The data is stored encrypted and can be accessed securely using the standard Notes ID and associated password.

Nomad supports LotusScript and @Formulas. Adjustments in the applications are usually not necessary.
You may want to adjust forms because a screen of a telephone has different proportions and dimensions.

Applications can be expanded if desired to take advantage of additional functionality, such as GPS and cameras that mobile devices have.


 Nomad iPhone 

 Nomad Web

The release of "Nomad Web" is now available. This allows the Notes applications to be run (usually unchanged) from a standard browser. A Notes client is therefore no longer necessary to run the same applications. No plug-in or additional software is required to make this possible from a browser. "Nomad Web" is therefore not to be confused with the Notes browser plug-in that IBM launched years ago.

There are some restrictions on the applications you can run. Nomad Web, for example, does not support client-side Java or XPages. It requires an ID Vault to be set up.


Say Yes to Nomad

nomadmsecitUnleash the power by mobilising your workforce and Domino Applications. Domino V12 enables Notes Client Based Application to operate on standard Web Browsers, iOS and Android. mySolutions and ECIT have specialised in the testing and gap analysis of porting your Notes Based Applications to Nomad.

The service offering includes feature, performance and mobility testing to assess the capability of using Nomad as the primary client, resulting in the reduction of a Notes Workstation Footprint.