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HCL Traveler provides automatic exchange between Domino servers and mobile devices.
Synchronize email, calendar items and contacts in real time. To Do's are also supported on some devices.

Email from the Domino server automatically arrives on your device.
Sending a new e-mail or, for example, changing a calendar item, is synchronized directly with the server.
Data sent between the device and the server is compressed to minimize traffic.

By installing HCL Traveler Companion on a device, encrypted messages can also be read and sent.
Based on the personal Notes.ID on the device, this is done in the same way as on a Notes client.

Traveler is installed on an existing or new Domino server.
The Traveler server connects to the Domino Mail server(s) in order to synchronize the data.
Via the Domino directory, which is also on the Traveler server, the persons and associated email addresses are immediately known.

Then the devices can be easily configured and contact the server.
Support is available for “Verse” clients on Android and iOS and mobile devices with the Exchange ActiveSync protocol (such as Apple iOS Mail).

HCL Domino traveler
Traveler for Outlook

With HCL Traveler for Microsoft Outlook (HTMO) you can work with your HCL Domino mail directly in Outlook.
After installing a plug-in in the Outlook client, a connection can be established with the Traveler server and there is support for Mail, Calendar and Contacts.