xpages   XPages

XPages is an application development technology for creating collaborative web applications. It provides a comprehensive set of user interface and data access controls built on the Java Server Faces technology. XPages supports the integration of existing Notes / Domino NSF elements such as documents, views, agents, formulas and security. Such applications can be displayed as dynamic web pages, both in a browser and in the Notes client. An XPages application is XML that is interpreted by a Domino server or the Notes client and displayed in a web browser or Notes client.

The development interface in the Notes Designer provides an intuitive drag-and-drop design environment and an XML source environment. The programming model is based on standards and common web development skills such as JavaScript, Ajax, the Dojo Toolkit, Server-side JavaScript, and JavaServer Faces. The layout is managed via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and logic can be developed via JavaScript.

The name XPages was inspired by the original idea for XSP naming, where XSP was actually an abbreviation for "XML Server Pages". After an initial rebrand from XSP to "XFaces", IBM chose "XPages" as the project codename for the technology included in Domino Designer.