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The inventory tools consist of 4 modules and can be configured, run and consulted from within Notes.

  • Eddie - For each server, a detailed inventory of all databases and templates, and if needed also statistics such as user activity.
  • Freddie - Merge of the different server inventories to allow combined analyzes of the Domino environment.
  • Marc - Report module.
  • Elise - oontains the configuration settings and a license.
 eddie 1  

 Scan the Domino servers and collect information like:

  • General Database properties.
  • Access Control lists.
  • Statistics like encrypted documents and documents above a certain size.
  • Public and private folders.
  • Design statistics and overviews of the design code (in DXL).
  • Scheduled agent. Last run and schedule settings. Who is de signer.
  • Which archives have been found and what is the connected databases for an archive.
  • User activity. Who has approached a database and when.


Details for each database
eddie reference3


Analyze the linked archives, mail and mail-in, person documents, mail-in documents etc.
eddie analyze
eddie analyze1


For each database all user activity:
eddie useractivity
eddie useractivity2


eddie connect2   Integration / connection with the Ytria tools
eddie connectexcel   Integrated Excel export


Statistics and a copy of Notes.ini per server:
 eddie serverinfo1